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NDR1292 Dometic Brand-New cooling Unit

NDR1292 Dometic Brand-New cooling Unit

Price: $995.00
This item is in stock
Brief Description
Detailed Description

Why buy a remanufactured NDR1292 for $800 plus, when you can buy a Brand-new Amish built NDR1292 cooling unit for $995.00
  The increased production has caught up with the large backorder list, since this model is now in very high demand from RV owners and RV Dealer across the USA.

The Dometic NDR1292 Brand-new cooling unit coils,   If what is available is sold out before you place your order this Spring, your order will be added to list the backorder list, with shipping within a just a few days.  We know Dometic OEM's are not available till late Spring or first of Summer.  Why wait till Summer when The Amish built cooling unit are ready now.

This is a Brand-new cooling unit, built and complety re-designed by the Amish.  The coils wont look the same as original, but fit the same.  We are the only place in the USA that will have the Dometic NDR1292 replacement cooling unit.  These are not remanufactured units.

The Dometic NDR1292 side by side cooling units must be shipped by Truck Freight. We have a special shipping rate set up for the Dometic NDR1292 to shipped any where in the lower 48 states

The cooling unit will be processed, shipped by truck freight and will be marked hold at local truck terminal for "Customer Pickup", unless we have a known business address. If this cooling unit is to be shipped to a business address, please confirm Business Name, Business address given on order form as (business). The normal charge to shipped this cooling unit by truck freight is $215.00, we are giving a $50 off shipping today.
 Mobile RV Repair, RV Camp Grounds, and any residential address will be shipped to the closest truck terminal an "Held for Customer Pickup"
Must have a daytime contact phone number once order is placed

The message below must be read.

WARNING!!   It has become an increasing problem that some customers when placing their order is stating the ship to address is a confirmed business address to avoid a termial pickup.  In alot of cases, it is not a business, with increased charges billed back to us.  We are having to start a new policy, about this issue, to keep from passing an increasing freight charges per ship to all, to off set the increased shipping to a resisdential address,  averaging out the price for everyone.  To keep the freight shipping cost as is, as of 10/1/11, if the ship to address given customers states it is a business address,  once the freight company arrives to drop an  it's not a business, but a residential address,  your cooling unit warranty is voided till the added charges by the freight company are paid by the person that placed the order, the added cost could be in the $100 to $175 addtional freight charges above the amount already paid.

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