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1200LR Norcold  Brand-new Cooling Unit

1200LR Norcold Brand-new Cooling Unit

Price: $1,045.00
This item is in stock
Brief Description
Detailed Description

All the Norcold 1200 Series Amish Built cooling units coming off the production line at this time are almost sold out, Place your order now,    if we sell out before your order is placed, your order it will only be few days before the increased production of the Norcold 1200 series units catches up with the backorders getting your unit ready to ship to you. ! 
..Great NEWS!!
The Amish RV Refrigeration Company has again made some great design changes to the Norcold 1200 series cooling units.  If you notice from the picture, they have built the 1200 series with 2 sets of lower outer coil loops and a double pass through the upper condenser fins.  This will give the needed air flow through the loops to keep the cooling, in case the OEM fans on the back should fail.  With the added loops and the fans your cooling unit will maintain a very cold refrigerator during some of the hottest weather days.   As most customers have found out, if the OEM fans fail, the cooling unit fails.  This is the reason to have the added loops, to give a max cold without fans and a better cooling with the OEM fans. Another great part of the Amish Built 1200 series cooling unit, other than NO RECALLS, they are built with tubing wall thickness 50% thicker the the OEM units, Plus a longer replacement warranty.
  Click on the picture to see the back side.


Another production of aftermarket Norcold 1200LR series Cooling Units are off the production line. Ready to ship.  We are the only place in the USA that has the brand-new Norcold 1200LR RV Cooling Units built by the Amish.   The Amish built cooling units sells are out pacing production since more and more RV'ers and RV dealers have found out about the features of these cooling units,  no recalls needed, some of the tubing is approximate 50% thicker tubing walls, and double lower loop coils to allow the cooling unit to operate cooler, Plus all 1200 series coming off the production line will now be built with a full 1 inch diameter evaporator tubing allowing for more cold, re-designed boiler which allows the boiler temps to run 100's degree cooler.  These added featuresadded feature are giving better service and more cold than the Norcold OEM's.   ORDER yours today.  Install it yourself. They are ready for shipment NOW!.  These cooling unit are selling faster than production can keep up with, we are shipping orders as fast as possible.  It could be a few days before your units ships. 
All orders are shipped in the order they are received.   All orders are shipped in the order they are received.
We  know you can buy remanufactured cooling units for the 1200 series from other competitor builders of cooling units at a lower price, but it will still be the old thin wall tubing and still must have the recall added to the cooling units.  Rebuilts of the 1200's will only give you a 1 1/2 to 2 years of service before the coils go out again.  This is the reason the Amish RV Refrigeration company will not rework the old coils for any side by side units, due to the fact that the inner coils can not be flushed clean of contamination and no way to replace all the thin tubing needed to make it a long lasting unit.

The Norcold 1200 series is not available in the re manufactured coils. The Amish say there are design problems not allowing for proper cleaning or flushing out all contamination of the inside coils before rebuilding.  The Amish RV Refrigeration company will not do any remanufacturing of any side by side refrigerator because of the cleaning, flushing and the ability to confirm that all contamination was removed from the inner tubing.  Only brand-new coils for the side by side Refrigerators.

The Norcold must be shipped by Truck Freight. We have a special shipping rate set up for the Norcold 1200LR cooling units to shipped any where in the lower 48 states for only $65.00.  Regular price for truck freight for the Norcold 1200 is $165.00*see note

This shipping by Truck Freight, special at this very low cost, is for a LIMITED time. Normally $165.00. If you need one, now is the best time. 

**note**The cooling unit will be processed and shipped by truck freight and will be marked hold at local truck terminal for "Customer Pickup", unless we have a known business address If this cooling unit is to be shipped to a business address, please confirm address given on order form as a business, along with the Business Name.
RV Camp grounds, RV Resorts and Mobile RV Repair service locations will be handled as a residential address.

The message below must be read.

WARNING!!   It has become an increasing problem that some customers when placing their order is stating the ship to address is a confirmed business address to avoid a termial pickup.  In alot of cases, it is not a business, with increased charges billed back to us.  We are having to start a new policy, about this issue, to keep from passing an increasing freight charges per ship to all, to off set the increased shipping to a resisdential address,  averaging out the price for everyone.  To keep the freight shipping cost as is, as of 10/1/11, if the ship to address given customers states it is a business address,  once the freight company arrives to drop an  it's not a business, but a residential address,  your cooling unit warranty is voided till the added charges by the freight company are paid by the person that placed the order, the added cost could be in the $100 to $175 addtional freight charges above the amount already paid.

Must have a daytime contact phone number once order is placed

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